JAMP is a new versatile VST amp based on real tube emulation.





  • 4 channels : clean, crunch (light), overdrive, distortion.
  • A Pre gain (overdrive knob) to adjust the amount of drive.
  • 1 Equalizer.
  • 2 included spring reverb models with adjustable reverb level. Fast convolution engine. 
  • 5 cabinets emulations. Cabinet simulation can be turned off.

 The plugin is reactive to guitar volume (like real ones) and accepts a lot of plugins before (compressor, distortion, etc ...).

Technical informations:

All filters are IIR to reduce the processing delay (less than 0.5 ms). Ideal for live playing. The cabinet simulation does not include room effect has usually found for this kind of simulation (its simulates only spectral characteristics of cabinet). So it sounds very dry if you hear it with a headphone, but it sounds better if you play it in a real room trough flat loudspeaker or in a mix.

 Cabinet simulation can be turned off and you can add cabinet plugin with free pulses (i.e. to sound has other amplifier simulator.

The version 1.4 is working at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz and includes a new convolution engine for with 2 x less CPU

 Download VST here : 

NEW !!!


  • Version 32 bits without GUI (V1.4)
  • Version 32 bits witht GUI (V1.4)

  • Version 32 bits without GUI (V1.3)
  • Version 32 bits witht GUI (V1.3)
  • Version 64 bits without GUI (V1.3)
  • Version 64 bits with GUI (V1.3)

altenative link :


Contact :


Reaper presets used to record the demo sounds :

Sound demos are here :

   (the demos uses only the JAMP plugin)


Video with live JAMP playing :


Hotel california cover


 Highway star solo 


Recommended very good free guitar effect vst (compressor, range master treble boost (very good), ...)  : or TS 808 (Argh blues !!!)